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Who We Are

We are a group of Colorado business leaders that are dedicated to making our community even more inspiring, inclusive, and connected through targeted skills-based volunteer opportunities at non-profits in Colorado.

What We Do

Colorado Leadership Cares forges connections between Colorado business leaders and local non-profit organizations that are actively strengthening our community through their vital work. CLCares brings leaders out of the boardroom and into the field where they can have a tangible impact on the population served by a variety of essential nonprofit programs.

Through direct participation in the core work of the local non-profit, CLCares participants not only increase their awareness of the needs of the local community but also provide a unique perspective and business insight that enhances the impact of the non-profit. As leaders in their organizations, CLCares participants are ideally suited to share their experiences with their own companies and potentially expand the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility for their respective employers.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to connect Colorado business leaders with local non-profits by identifying meaningful skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Why Get Involved

Our goal is that by participating in CLCares skills-based volunteering, Colorado business leaders will inspire others in their office to make volunteering a priority and will increase the visibility of their own companies in the community. Each CLCares event will also feature a networking opportunity for business leaders at a CLCares-sponsored social hour.

2022 Events

June – Working with ActivateWork Learners

Additional events will be announced shortly.

Contact Us


Founder: Dan Weinstein

Interested non-profits or volunteers: please send an email to dan@clcares.org

Learn more about some of the organizations CLCares has volunteered with.

Women’s Bean Project believes all women have the power to transform their lives through employment. They hire women who are chronically unemployed and we teach them to work making nourishing products. They learn to stand tall, find their purpose and break the cycle of poverty. Because when you change a woman’s life, you change her family’s life.

Founded in 1986, The Gathering Place is the only daytime drop-in center in metropolitan Denver that serves women, their children, and transgender individuals who are experiencing poverty, many of whom are also experiencing homelessness. While we refer to those we serve as “members”, no fees are ever charged for programs or services.

Project Angel Heart was founded in 1991 to address a major challenge for Coloradans who are ill: getting the nutrition they need to get stronger, heal, and remain at home. Many are too sick to get to the grocery store or unable to cook for themselves. Others find they have to choose whether to buy food or medication to make ends meet.

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